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Christmas Craft

With Christmas just around the corner simple crafts come to mind when caring for young children.






This is a simple yet cute craft to hang around your daycare/classroom for Christmas Time

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The steps are rather simple (Skip to bottom To Download FREE Image To Print)

Step 1

Print out your Image (Find Link At Bottom Of Page)

Step 2

Write each letter of the name in each bulb(you can use glitter glue, paint, glitter, makers, the ideas are endless.

Step 3 

Cut out each light bulb carefully and string together you can also tape each one together on a string to make it easier. There is no wrong way to do this.

Step 4

Hang you beautiful light around your daycare, home, or anywhere to add cheap color for Christmas Cheer.

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TWO WAYS TO PRINT: Please note you need to print in landscape inorder for it to be the right size 

Choice 1: You can right click on this image below to save to your computer and print or just click on the image itself to print.

Choice 2: Light bulb printablelight-bulb-printable.png (131.23 KB)   ------Click On blue to download------  

Light bulb printable